MG Rover ECU Remapping

We can optimise the driveability of your MG by remapping its engine ECU. We can remap the ECU of all MG models including the MGF, TF, ZR, ZT and the ZS.  All petrol and diesel engine MGs can benefit from an engine ECU remap as BMW left the company in a state of limbo and development was frozen. We can however optimise the ECU and even give it an update with some ECU remapping.

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Mini Cooper

Orig BHPBHP GainOrig TorqueTorque GainFuel
Mini Cooper 1.6 1201201216015Petrol
Mini Cooper 1.6 D 16V 1101103224060Diesel
Mini Cooper S 1.6 1751752824065Petrol
Mini One 1.4 16V 95952514015Petrol
Mini Cooper 1.6 115(-06)1151015015Petrol
Mini Cooper 1.6 S Kompressor 170(-06)1702022040Petrol
Mini One 1.4 D 75(-06)753018041Diesel
Mini One 1.6 90(-06)903514025Petrol
Mini One D 1.4 88(-06)882719050Petrol