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“Quod Erat Demonstrandum” (Thus it has been demonstrated).  All our gains are proven on our industry leading Dynojet 424 XLC², 4WD dynamometer.

Dyno Tuning & Rolling Road Remapping

Professional Dyno Developed ECU Remapping


All of our remaps are developed in house at our facility in Lancashire.  At the heart of every tuning facility is the dynamometer (rolling road).  We take tuning seriously and as such have invested in the market leading Dynojet 424xLC².  What makes this dyno so special is that it utilises a 24 inch single roller per axle and both rollers are mechanically linked so turn at the same speed.  This allows us to test modern 4WD vehicles without the fear of potentially damaging the centre differentials or activating intrusive stability control systems. It’s also useful for 2WD vehicles with sophisticated traction control systems that require all four wheels to be rotating at the same speed in order to avoid “reduced power mode’’. 

Remap? Dyno? Rolling Road Tuning? How?


A dyno is much more than an expensive device to measure the power output of your vehicle.  It’s use is to test and log almost every aspect of engine function.  Our map writers and dyno operators will spend many hours running a development car on the dyno to get a base understanding of how the engine is functioning before they develop a strategy for remapping engine ECU.   We will interface with the cars On Board Diagnostics (OBD) to log many variables.  Modern cars will let us access most engine parameters but what we can’t access through the OBD we will measure using analogue sensors linked into the logging software on our dyno.  The parameters we log include; engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, calculated load as well as actual load, manifold absolute pressure (boost pressure), air density ratio, air fuel ratio, ignition advance, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature (EGT), ambient conditions and of course power and torque produced.


ECU Remapping Development Tools & Computer Coding Geeks!

Of Course we appreciate it takes more than tools to get the job done.  It takes passionate and committed hexadecimal coders (We call them map writers) to write the maps to upload to the vehicle’s ECU.  Our maps writers have this passion in abundance, the only thing they love more than cars and petrol is tapping away on their keyboards of their multi-screen computers till the early hours of the morning, quietly excited about how much power they will accomplish when they dyno test their work in the morning!

Bespoke Builds and Race Car Setup Service 

We are also available to set up bespoke builds and race cars running aftermarket stand-alone ECU systems such as Motek, Typhoon, Emerald, Omex, DTA or any other system you may have.  Please call us for more information on this service.

BHP UK ECU Remapping Services. From Diesel Tuning to DPF Removal…

Whether it’s ECU Remapping or DPF Error deletion. We offer it all. Click below to see all our engine tuning services.

ECU Remapping Services

Increase Your Petrol Performance, Power and BHP by up to 30%

Our Petrol Performance Remaps will increase the power, performance and torque of your vehicle. Click below for ore info.

Petrol Performance ECU Remapping

Diesel Performance ECU Tuning & Engine Remapping by BHP UK

Diesel ECU Tuning & Diesel Engine Remapping for non-turbo and turbo diesel engines. Diesel Performance Remaps.

Performance Diesel ECU Remapping

Improve Fuel Efficiency & Decrease Fuel Bills by upto 20% today!

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Diesel Economy ECU Remapping

Commercial ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning for Vans, Trucks and HGVs

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Commercial ECU Tuning

DPF Removal, DPF Deletion and EGR Removal and Deletion

DPF Error Removal, DPF Deletion & EGR Deletion and Removal. All covered by BHP UK, the UK’s leading tuning company.

DPF Error Removal and EGR Deletion

Find the Right Dyno Tuning & Rolling Road Tuning For Your Vehicle.

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