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Let us tune your vehicle for optimum performance and power with live dyno tuning on our 2000bhp DynoJet rolling road…

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Everything you need to make your vehicle more responsive and efficient. Our dyno remap service is the answer!

Dyno Tuning & Rolling Road Remapping

ECU Remapping with DYNO Tuning official readout: 2000bhp DynoJet Rolling Road

Take our remapping & engine-tuning expertise a further with our Rolling Road Tuning service using our 2000bhp dynamometer. For everyone at BHP UK, chip tuning cars, vans, motorbikes and trucks isn’t simply work, it’s our passion. Based in Lancashire, our in-house team of Professional ECU Remapping specialists are trained to the highest standards in rolling road tuning/dyno tuning. Your vehicle is important to you & this is a specialist service & you should only trust rolling road experts to dyno tune your vehicle. We are certified DynoJet Rolling Road Tuners. Dyno Tune & ECU Remapping experts.

Rolling Road Tuning ENGINE TUNING  Dyno Tuning Rolling Road DynoJet

Remap? Dyno? Rolling Road Tuning? How?

Not only can BHP UK measure your engine’s power output before and after remapping, we log parameters such as boost, air fuel ratio, RPM, load, intake air temperature, oil temperature & advance. On the rolling road, we can hold your car at a certain RPM or load to diagnose any problems or smooth out any flat spots in the power delivery.

ECU Remapping with the right tools!

Of course we appreciate that it takes more than tools to get a job done, our map writers are qualified professionals with a firm background in the automotive tuning and programming industry.

Our rolling road is available for power runs to check the power output of your car and is also available to hire on an hourly or daily basis for dyno tuning.

Remap & Rolling Road Dyno-Tune: All-in-1

Less experienced ECU remapping companies will chip-tune your car and road test it to prove the results. At BHP UK, ECU remapping /chip tuning & rolling road tuning is taken alot more seriously.

We appreciate that to tune a car properly you must have the correct tools at your disposal, regardless of the expense, and this is why we invested in a DynoJet rolling road for perfected ecu remapping.

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We have taken Tuning bookings from across the UK including North Yorkshire – Cumbria – Manchester – Birmingham – Kent – Liverpool – Preston – London – Cardiff – Surrey and more.

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