What is ECU Remapping?

What is an ECU? What is a Remap? How does a remap work?

How does an ECU (Engine Control Unit) work? Is ECU Remapping safe?

ECU Remapping is the process used to tailor the common functions set out within a vehicle’s ECU. An ECU is programmed by car manufacturers to control the engine’s functions & therefore all ECU’s need to be programmed with a lot of tolerance. Car manufacturers need to take this precaution as they have to cater for the diverse number of markets that their vehicle may end up in. The ECU needs to cover the levels of neglect some vehicle owners show their vehicle engine, in terms of servicing & upkeep.

ECU remapping & chip tuning is the modern day method of tuning a car for performance & economy. No car tune is complete without an ECU remap.

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The ECU also needs to be prepared for poor fuel quality, which is common in third world and poorer countries. There is also an incentive to down-tune vehicle engines (car performance), in order to make them fit into specific market and even, insurance categories. This means that more often than not a ‘lower’ model is in fact, just a down-tuned ‘higher’ model, with exactly the same engine in both. Without these ‘down-tuned models’, manufacturers would struggle to have vehicles for each category.
Therefore, this means that these manufacturers have to come up with a compromise for all these factors and achieve this by having different versions of the same engine – the lower vehicle models are ideal for: third world and/or countries with more stringent emission rules and different market categories and higher vehicle models are ideal for: people looking for higher vehicle performance and car tuning, for use in countries where the fuel quality is high. Confused? Don’t be… Call us & we’ll explain in more detail!

What is the ECU Remapping Process?

All of our experienced Remap technicians follow the 3 simple steps below to perfectly remap and tune your vehicle. The results are immediate and your engine modification is evident straightaway. Only in rare cases will we have to physically do anything to your vehicle. So, whether your remap criteria is to save money by lowering fuel costs or if you just want to have more fun by making your vehicle more responsive & powerful… BHP UK know all there is to know about the ECU Remap process. Try us & you’ll agree. ECU Remap experts!

What is ECU Remapping? ENGINE TUNING  obd2 A BHP UK technician reads the ECU file from your vehicle and saves a copy for modifying. It can be done at BHP’s workshop or a location of your choice.
What is ECU Remapping? ENGINE TUNING  laptop The ECU file is then sent to & worked on by Specialist Engine Tuning Experts at BHP UK’s Head Office and a custom map is prepared for your vehicle.
What is ECU Remapping? ENGINE TUNING  programming The remapped ECU file is modified & sent back to the BHP UK technician and uploaded back onto your vehicle’s ECU. ECU Remapping is complete.

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ECU Remapping Benefits In A Nutshell

BHP UK ECU Remapping Services. From Diesel Tuning to DPF Removal…

Whether it’s ECU Remapping or DPF Error deletion. We offer it all. Click below to see all our engine tuning services.

ECU Remapping Services

Increase Your Petrol Performance, Power and BHP by up to 30%

Our Petrol Performance Remaps will increase the power, performance and torque of your vehicle. Click below for ore info.

Petrol Performance ECU Remapping

Diesel Performance ECU Tuning & Engine Remapping by BHP UK

Diesel ECU Tuning & Diesel Engine Remapping for non-turbo and turbo diesel engines. Diesel Performance Remaps.

Performance Diesel ECU Remapping

Improve Fuel Efficiency & Decrease Fuel Bills by upto 20% today!

High fuel bills? Tired of paying too much? Why not get in touch about our Diesel Economy Remapping?

Diesel Economy ECU Remapping

Commercial ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning for Vans, Trucks and HGVs

Commercial Diesel ECU Remaps & Petrol Tuning for diesel turbo and non-turbo engines. Click below for more info…

Commercial ECU Tuning

DPF Removal, DPF Deletion and EGR Removal and Deletion

DPF Error Removal, DPF Deletion & EGR Deletion and Removal. All covered by BHP UK, the UK’s leading tuning company.

DPF Error Removal and EGR Deletion

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Ford Mondeo - Diesel ECU Remapping - This is how my car SHOULD always have been! Great blokes. Punctual and professional, cant ask for any more. Great price too. Not too expensive and you know you’re paying for quality!  So pleased, thanks so much!
What is ECU Remapping? ENGINE TUNING
Josh Cleverley
Mercedes C-Class - DPF Removal + PERFORMANCE Remap - Would recommend your service to anyone, you’ve completely changed the characteristics of the car – it’s faster, smoother and funnily enough, even cheaper on fuel! Will definitely be back in contact when it’s time for a change. Once again, thanks.
What is ECU Remapping? ENGINE TUNING
Matt Crabtree
Since you re-mapped my VW Passat it’s just like driving a different car, the power is amazing and the performance as a whole is second to none. Every time I accelerate it's like pressing a warp drive pedal. And I’ve also noticed the MPG has gone up considerably. Great Performance Remapping.
What is ECU Remapping? ENGINE TUNING
Alan Williams