Bentley ECU Remapping

Cars as truly special as Bentley really do deserve the best, as such when we remap the engine ECU on any Bentley we are mindful of the qualities that make this marquee so special. We ensure that the ECU remapping we offer on all Bentley models will not detract from the silky smooth power delivery.

Our ECU remapping service will iron out the flat spots in the power delivery as well as increasing the peak power output by about 50bhp. In fact most of our customers report back and tell us that their Bentley seems to drive even smoother after the ECU remapping!

ECU remapping is available for the Arnage T 6.75 Bi-Turbo, the Continental GT and the Continental Flying Spur. We appreciate that most Bentley owners would be much happier if their ECU was programmed in situ and we have spent a lot of time and money developing a system that lets us remap the ECU via the diagnostic port.

Let BHP UK remap the engine ECU on your Bentley to release it’s true potential. We offer engine ECU Remapping and chip tuning for power, we also offer Economy Tuning and a balanced remapping service that will combine the best of both worlds and give you more power and torque as well as better fuel economy.