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Before we will consider remapping a customer’s car, we will have fully developed the ECU remaps for your make and model of vehicle. All our remaps are developed by our in-house team of map writers at our fully equipped facility in the UK. 

Our remapping process comprises testing the standard car, both on the road and on our state-of-the-art Dynojet 424 XLC². 

The first step of the remap development process is testing the standard car’s power output and engine function on our state-of-the-art Dynojet 424 XLC².  We log every aspect of engine function including, air fuel ratio, intake air temperature, engine coolant temperature, air density ratio, exhaust gas temperature, spark advance, RPM, turbo boost pressure, power output and torque. This gives our team the data it needs to understand how the car has been set up at the factory and what our tuning strategy will be.

We will then write some test maps to incrementally achieve what we are trying to do. Its then back to testing and monitoring to ensure we have achieved the desired result.

After our ECU remaps are tested on our dyno, we take to the road to ensure they work in real world scenarios. 

Our remaps are developed to be useable on the road with linear power delivery and improved drivability.  The ECU remaps we write are developed to offer improved performance, more low-down torque and power, a better throttle response and increased drivability.

As all maps are written in-house, we can tailor the engine tune to your needs.  If you have a specific requirement, give us a call we’ll only be too happy to help.


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