Expert Motorcycle Remapping & Bike Tuning

BHP UK has over 20 years of experience in the ECU remapping industry (also known as chipping, flash tuning and ECU tuning). All of our remaps are developed by our in house team of map writers.

The Motorbike ECU (Engine Control Unit) is now a very sophisticated computer and controls every aspect of engine function including fuelling, spark advance, throttle plate opening and closed loop lambda monitoring. The ECU will also have torque and power limiters to limit the power produced in certain situations. Many bikes will have the power restricted in certain gears and certain engine RPMs to meet increasingly restrictive emissions regulations.

ECU remapping is the science of altering the parameters in the ECU to make the engine run optimally.

Whenever a bike is modified with aftermarket upgrades such as an exhaust system or air intake is essential to remap the ECU to ensure the engine is running correctly.

All our remaps are developed in house by us at our fully equipped facility in the UK. We do not use base maps from other companies and simply tweak them to run on your bike.

A BHP UK remap on your bike will:

  • Increase power
  • Eliminate flat spots
  • Improve throttle response
  • Optimise any modifications
  • Remapping will save the expense of buying a tuning module or “piggy back ECU”

How We Develop Our Remapping Strategy

When we develop a remapping strategy for any motorcycle we will run the bike on our dyno and monitor every possible aspect of engine function.  We use our Dynojet 250i to run the bike and measure power output. We will attach our own lambda sensors to monitor Air Fuel Ratio (AFR). We also need to take other measurements including, throttle position, spark advance, throttle plate position, knock detection, engine oil temperature, engine coolant temp, exhaust gas temperature and injector duty cycle. Some of these parameters we can log through the bike’s OBD while others will require external analogue output sensors.

The data we collect gives us an idea of how the manufacturer has set the bike up and where improvements are possible. On many occasions we find that the manufacturer has restricted throttle opening or imposed torque limiters in the mapping in an attempt to sedate power delivery or meet emissions standards.

We will run and monitor the bike in all the engine modes available thus building a complete picture of the bike’s standard mapping.

We tend to do all the development on our own bikes, this means we can spend as much time as needed to get the data we require and also test different modifications on the bike to understand how they will effect engine function. As we’re all petrol heads at BHP UK it also means we have nice fleet of bikes to ride and test at weekends.

Our Products & Services

All of our software, programming and tuning services are designed and built in-house and are designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out it’s pure & true performance potential.

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Petrol Performance ECU Remapping
Diesel Economy Remapping
DPF Error Removal Deletion
Dyno Rolling Road Remapping
HGV Fleet Road Remapping
Fleet Road Remapping
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