Harley Davison, there couldn’t be a motorcycle manufacturer more synonymous with 2 wheeled transportation! William S Harley and Arthur Davidson presented their first motorcycle in 1903, a racing machine built in a 10 X 15 foot wooden hut in Milwaukee.
Passion flows deeply in Harley owners as it does at BHP UK. When we remap a Harley Davidson our aim is to make more power and torque but also to improve the throttle response and make the ride more pleasurable.
All our remaps are developed on our rolling road before we road test the bike to make sure it works in the real world not just on our dyno. The BHP UK ethos is to buy our own vehicles to develop, so we do our learning on our own machines, not your pride and joy.
Harley Davidson owners love to modify their bikes and as we write all our maps in house we can custom tune them for any modifications.
We can remap your Harley through its on board diagnostic port and will remap the factory ECU meaning we can adjust any engine parameter that we need to. These parameters include fuelling, spark advance, throttle response curves, torque limiters, lambda requests and closed loop monitoring.