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CFMOTO Remapping & ECU Tuning

When we develop our CFMOTO remaps we start by running the standard bike on our dyno and measuring the power output. We also use standalone diagnostic equipment to monitor every aspect of engine function. We monitor and record air-fuel ratio, throttle plate opening, spark timing, injector duty cycle, lambda readings, engine knock and other parameters. This is done at various accelerator twist grip positions and the whole process is repeated for every mode that the bike has. We spend a lot of time building a complete picture of how the factory set the bike up and where we can make improvements.

We will spend a lot of time test riding our development bikes to analyse how they ride in the real world. We also speak to other riders and existing customers to research any common complaints.

Our philosophy on what makes a good remap is so much more than the maximum power output. We aim to provide the rider a remapped CFMOTO that rides well in the real world with a linear, progressive and smooth power delivery and throttle response.

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CFORCE 1000 V2 EFI 59kW/79HP 2019598079
CFORCE 450 0.45L 22kW/30HP 2019223030
CFORCE 450 0.45L 22kW/30HP 223030
CFORCE 520 0.5L 26kW/35HP 263535
CFORCE 600 0.58L 30kW/41HP 304140
CFORCE 850XC 0.8L 47kW/63HP 476463
UFORCE 800 0.8L 45kW/61HP 456160
X8 TERRALANDER 800 0.8L 45kW/61HP 456160
ZFORCE 1000 EX V2 EFI 59kW/79HP 2019598079
ZFORCE 800 0.8L 45kW/60HP 456160

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All of our software, programming and tuning services are designed and built in-house and are designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out it’s pure & true performance potential.

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