Ford C-max 2.5 T 220 Remap

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Our Ford C-max ECU Remapping and Engine Tuning System provides you with the most unique, accurate and advanced Ford Remaps available. We guarantee you the best possible Ford, Ford C-max ECU Remapping results at the lowest possible prices.

All BHP UK Ford ECU Remapping and Ford Engine Tuning remaps are a result of 15 years combined engine tuning experience and a vast knowledge of the auto-tuning industry. BHP UK Remaps are the most superior maps you ill find in the UK. Or anywhere else. We are the leaders when it comes to getting you the best results for your vehicle. Power and Performance by BHP UK.

Ford C max 2.5 T 220 Remap ENGINE TUNING  #ALT
Ford C max 2.5 T 220 Remap ENGINE TUNING  #ALT
BHP Gain (BHP)40 bhp
Torque Gain (nm)199 nm

Our Official DynoJet Ford C-max Tuning Stats

  • Standard Power (BHP)220 bhp
  • Remapped Power (BHP)260 bhp
  • Standard Torque (nm)191 nm
  • Remapped Torque (nm)390 nm
  • FuelPetrol