Harley Iron 883 Stage 1 Kit Including ECU Remap & Dyno Setup


We are happy to launch our one stop solution for a stage one conversion on the Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883.

The kit comprises of a Vance and Hines Short Shot exhaust system, an open air filter and most importantly the remapping and dyno set up.

We were quite surprised by how much modification was needed in order to get the fueling set up correctly.  This motorcycle fitted with Vance & Hines Short Shots would not be safe to run without the correct ECU remapping (Sometimes called an ECU reflash). After fitting the exhaust the engine ran very lean and at some points the Air Fuel Ratio reached 18:1.  If the bike wasn’t our own development bike we would have aborted the dyno run for fear of damaging the engine.

The power increase was a substantial 30% taking the wheel power from 43bhp to 56bhp.  The torque was raised from 47ft-lbs to 52ft-lbs at peak output but higher up in the RPM range the gains were much higher as the torque curve remained flat instead of dropping off like the stock torque curve does.  Most importantly the ride is transformed with the throttle being very response and the power coming in instantly whenever the right hand is twisted.

We modified the fuelling at all throttle positions to ensure that the power delivery was smooth and progressive throughout the rev range and all throttle positions.

This stage 1 mod is be available at £1199 including fitting, remapping and dyno set-up. Available for all Sportsters with fuel injection.

Watch the video below for more insight into how we developed the remapping;