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Improved Fuel Efficiency is a reality you can now enjoy with your economy remapped diesel vehicle…

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Why choose BHP UK Diesel Economy ECU Remapping?

Diesel Economy ECU Remapping & Tuning:

Improved fuel efficiency savings & lower fuel bills really are a reality you can enjoy thanks to our economy ecu remapping and custom built economy engine Remaps… 85% of our economy remap customers have reported immediate fuel savings!

BHP UK will, without a doubt, transform your diesel vehicle when you opt for our economy ecu remapping. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference our economy remap offers and the immediate change it will make to your fuel economy. We guarantee that once your diesel car is remapped at BHP UK, you will notice the difference that an ECU remap makes, and as most of our customers have returned to us once they’ve replaced their car, so will you! In fact, we often get customers calling us before they buy a new car to find out how well the vehicle can be chip-tuned or remapped, before they pick it up.

Use our car remapping service to add bhp & torque to your diesel turbo engine ECU, by [sc:SITENAME] ECU Remapping, can produce between 15-30% extra bhp, dependent on the vehicle specification. Remapped cars will be notably more responsive, by immediate power in the throttle input & no higher rev lagging either. The considerable increase in torque & power gives the engine more gear flexibility & also reduces any need to shift-down, when overtaking.

Best Economy Remapping Company? Amazing Chip-Tuning? Heard it all before?

You probably have. But the reason for this confidence can be seen here where we explain our guarantee and why we are so confident. BHP UK will help remove any flat spots you may have in the power distribution (rev range) and will help fine-tune the fuel delivery to the engine, which will help your vehicle\’s fuel economy.

Economy ECU Remapping = Performance Loss?

NO! Up until now economy remapping the ECU of your car for economy also meant downgrading the performance. Well not anymore. BHP UK will help you develop and increase the fuel economy of your vehicle (whether it\’s a Audi remap or a BMW chip-tune), and will also improve the driveability of your vehicle, whilst also enhancing the torque and power.

BHP UK Economy Remap Advantages

Once your ECU has been remapped by BHP UK, it will almost feel like you\’re driving a brand new car. Chip tuning any diesel car (diesel remapping) the following improvements can be expected:

  • Better fuel economy

  • Improved Power & Torque

  • Flat spots in power delivery removed

  • Smoother power delivery

  • A Better and Smoother Drive!

Economy Diesel Remapping for Agricultural Vehicles

Many years ago diesel was seen as the fuel for tractors and trucks only. However with the advances in diesel tuning & diesel engine technology this has changed and many diesel engine cars outperform their petrol engine equivalents.

Economy Remapping or Economy ECU Remapping is suitable for most vehicles. For obvious reasons, diesel vehicles always benefit alot more from economy ecu remapping than petrol vehicles.

Our ECU Remapping offer remap solutions on the following:

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Normal Cars

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Vans

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Lorries

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Trucks

  • ECU Remapping Economy for HGV’s

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Motorbikes

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Tractors

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Lorries

  • ECU Tuning Economy for Agricultural Vehicles

  • ECU Remapping Economy for Plant Machinery

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