HGV ECU Remapping & Truck Tuning

ECU remapping your truck, bus or any other type of HGV will increase the power and torque output but even more importantly can increase the fuel economy by up to 15 percent.  With the price of fuel at an all-time high there’s no simpler way of cutting your business costs.

When we remap the ECU of your HGV our map writers will always write a bespoke modification from the original read from your vehicles ECU.  Because all our remaps are bespoke and written in house, we can optimise the remap for your specific needs. Whether you’re a courier or run vehicles for a specific market function such as quarry vehicles, airport fire crews or concrete mixer lorries we are always able to help.

Many commercial vehicle manufacturers will often use the same engine in various models simply down tuning the engine in the ECU software.  If you own one of these down-tuned models we can nearly always up-tune to the higher model’s power and torque.

Feel free to talk to one of our map writers about your specific needs.

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