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Everything you need to make your vehicle more responsive and efficient. Our remap service is the answer!

How can BHP UK help with your HGV ECU Remapping?

HGV Remapping & Truck Tuning

In today’s economic climate and with today’s fuel costs & fuel prices, it’s not a case of whether you should consider HGV Remapping or commercial remapping  your HGV Truck or bus but it’s why haven’t you already? BHP UK are specialists in lorry tuning, diesel tuning, truck remapping, lorry remapping, truck remapping & cover all major makes such as New Holland, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel GM, Peugeot, Mercedes and many more.

Economy remapping the engine ECU of your truck, bus or HGV will not only improve the economy, torque & MPG but will also increase the power, torque, MPG and drivability of your vehicle. HGV Remapping is the answer!

HGV Remapping & Truck Tuning:

BHP UK have over 15 years knowledge and experience in engine tuning. Differing to our competitors, our internal specialist map writers are available for you to consider & review all the HGV remapping & tuning options available for your vehicle, before we remap your HGV. Your HGV, bus or truck’s ECU can be remapped to your exact requirement. HGV ECU Remapping by BHP UK is the answer!
The ECU map we create can be tuned for optimum performance, for more low-down torque/power or quite simply, better fuel economy. No.1 HGV ECU Remapping.

ECU Remaps for all HGV’s & Trucks

BHP UK really are the number 1 experts specialising in Truck tuning & HGV Remapping. All our HGV Tuning and HGV ECU Remapping is carried out by our remap experts. Our aim is always to recalibrate the HGV engine management systems without altering the key factors of a HGV. HGV ECU remapping should not alter low down tractability or the reliability of the vehicle.

Benefits of HGV ECU Remapping, Truck Remapping & Chip Tuning

If you own a commercial vehicle or you are a commercial driver, long trips can be very expensive over time. If you opt for our HGV ECU Remapping or a custom BHP UK HGV remap, you can benefit from an average 10% saving on economy. This means that the remap pays for itself very quickly with all the fuel saving! Diesel ECU Remapping is becoming more popular with commercial drivers, whether it\’s for a HGV, Truck or Van, commercial remapping is the answer.

Once you get your HGV remapped / truck remapped you can expect:

  • Improved power output
  • Improved torque
  • Improved & immediate throttle response
  • Flat spots in power delivery removed
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better fuel economy
  • More mpg & A BETTER DRIVE!

Common HGV Remapping & Truck ECU Remapping Gains

Utilising our HGV ECU Tuning and Truck Remapping service we can remap nearly all later model HGVs including Scania, Man, DAF, Renault, Volvo, Iveco & Mercedes. View the examples below to understand the gains you can expect:

  • DAF 94D/94D/220:     25% BHP Gain
  • DAF CF/CF65/220 PACCAR 6.7L:  15% BHP Gain
  • DAF LF/LF45/140 PACCAR 4.5L:   19% BHP Gain
  • DAF XF/XF95/530:     15% BHP Gain
  • Iveco Eurocargo E13 4.0 (Euro 3): 23% TORQUE
  • MAN TGA /TGA 26.330/280:     18% TORQUE Gain
  • Mercedes Atego 4.25 R4/122:   21% TORQUE Gain
  • Renault Kerax/370/DXi11:     19% TORQUE Gain
  • Scania G Series/G 230:    17% TORQUE Gain

With [sc:SITENAME] ECU Remapping’s Truck Remaps, we never load a 1 size fits all generic map…NO! We always custom-write your map to your specification. So it depends on you, whether you want more power, want to maximise economy…or whether you want a great mix of both.

HGV ECU Remapping by [sc:SITENAME] Engine Tuning is the solution for your business. However large, or small, get in touch to see how we can help you reduce your overheads. Whether it’s economy tuning, hgv fuel economy, truck chip tuning or van remapping, get in touch with [sc:SITENAME] ECU Remapping: Truck Remapping is the answer.


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Book [sc:SITENAME] HGV Remapping & Truck Performance Chip Tuning Right Now! Speak To An Expert : Call [sc:PHONE]

Everything you need to make your HGV or Truck more responsive and efficient. Our HGV Remapping service is the answer!

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