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Add a bit of OOMPH with our Petrol ECU Tuning: The best engine chipping for turbocharged & non-turbo engines…

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Everything you need to make your vehicle more responsive and efficient. Our remap service is the answer!

Why Choose BHP UK Petrol ECU Remapping...

Petrol Tuning for Petrol Vehicles by BHP UK: Performance Tuning Enhanced

In modern turbo charged cars, the turbo is controlled by the ECU. With our Petrol Remapping, we re map your vehicle’s ECU to maximise the efficiency of the boost throughout the rev range, hereby, enhancing the power delivery. BHP UK possess all the necessary remapping software, equipment, technology & most significantly, the technical know-how & experience in ecu remapping: also known as chip-tuning or car performance tuning. You can call it what you want, we can do it and we’re very good at it too!

Chip Tuning Turbo Petrol & Non-Turbo Petrol Cars by BHP Tuning Experts

ECU remapping is an art. Make no mistake about this. Performance tuning an engine is no small feat and tuning an ecu for perfect Petrol Remapping should never be treated as one. A vehicle that\’s had it\’s engine remapped well, will show that, not only does it have more power and torque, but also drives more smoothly, is more responsive and has an increased MPG economy. We also dyno-tune petrol cars on our state of the art rolling road.

Our Petrol Performance ECU Remaps work even better on Modified Cars…

The modern turbocharged Petrol engine is a fantastic base for tuning and they generally respond extremely well.  Most engines require just a remap of the ECU to achieve power & torque gains. Turbo charged petrol cars have long been king when it comes to performance tuning & the gains that are achieved with turbo charged petrol cars are breathtaking. Click here for our DynoJet rolling road tuning services.

Remapped Turbo / Non-Turbo Petrol Cars – Gains, Gains & More Gains

With a remap on your turbo charged car or normally aspirated petrol car you can expect:

  • More Power
  • More Torque
  • Advanced Throttle Response
  • Smoother & Faster Power Delivery
  • Flat Spot Elimination
  • Better Drive

BHP UK specialise in Petrol Tuning Hybrid & Turbo Vehicles

BHP UK have all the relevant tools, experience and technical know-how to remap these types of vehicles too. We also specialise in hybrid turbo and bigger turbo conversions. If you have any questions or queries speak to a BHP agent for more details on 01282 779 000.

BHP UK ECU Remapping Services. From Diesel Tuning to DPF Removal…

Whether it’s ECU Remapping or DPF Error deletion. We offer it all. Click below to see all our engine tuning services.

ECU Remapping Services

Increase Your Petrol Performance, Power and BHP by up to 30%

Our Petrol Performance Remaps will increase the power, performance and torque of your vehicle. Click below for ore info.

Petrol Performance ECU Remapping

Diesel Performance ECU Tuning & Engine Remapping by BHP UK

Diesel ECU Tuning & Diesel Engine Remapping for non-turbo and turbo diesel engines. Diesel Performance Remaps.

Performance Diesel ECU Remapping

Improve Fuel Efficiency & Decrease Fuel Bills by upto 20% today!

High fuel bills? Tired of paying too much? Why not get in touch about our Diesel Economy Remapping?

Diesel Economy ECU Remapping

Commercial ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning for Vans, Trucks and HGVs

Commercial Diesel ECU Remaps & Petrol Tuning for diesel turbo and non-turbo engines. Click below for more info…

Commercial ECU Tuning

DPF Removal, DPF Deletion and EGR Removal and Deletion

DPF Error Removal, DPF Deletion & EGR Deletion and Removal. All covered by BHP UK, the UK’s leading tuning company.

DPF Error Removal and EGR Deletion

Find the Right Petrol ECU Tuning For Your Vehicle.

Browse 1000s of ECU Remaps, view potential gains & bhp increases in our comprehensive database of Petrol ECU Tuning, Petrol Remapping & Performance Chip Tuning Remaps.