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Skoda Rapid ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning

Our Skoda Rapid ECU Remapping and Engine Tuning System provides you with the most unique, accurate and advanced Skoda Remaps available. We guarantee you the best possible Skoda Rapid ECU Remapping results at reasonable prices.

All BHP UK Skoda Rapid ECU Remapping and Skoda Rapid Engine Tuning remaps are a result of 20 years combined engine tuning experience and a vast knowledge of the auto-tuning industry. BHP UK Remaps are the most superior maps you ill find in the UK. Or anywhere else. We are the leaders when it comes to getting you the best results for your vehicle. Power and Performance by BHP UK.

Our technology has advanced in leaps and bounds during recent years, it is now possible to remap your Skoda Rapid directly though the vehicle’s standard diagnostic port. Using this diagnostic port we can covertly access the engine’s software memory chip and reprogram it with tuned software optimised for the maximum power your engine will safely handle.

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Skoda RapidOrig BHPmapped BHPOrig Torquemapped Torque
1.0 TSI 110 BHP 2012-2018110130 (+18%)200238 (+19%)
1.2 TSI 84 BHP 2012-201884123 (+46%)160212 (+32%)
1.2 TSI 103 BHP 2012-2018103125 (+21%)175215 (+22%)
1.4 TDI 90 BHP 2012-201890116 (+28%)230277 (+20%)
1.4 TSI 121 BHP 2012-2018120143 (+19%)200244 (+22%)
1.6 CR TDI 105 BHP 2012-2018103136 (+32%)250322 (+28%)
1.6 TDI 89 BHP 2012-201889136 (+52%)230295 (+28%)
1.6 TDI 114 BHP 2012-2018114140 (+22%)250305 (+22%)

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All of our software, programming and tuning services are designed and built in-house and are designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out it’s pure & true performance potential.

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