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BMW ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning

BMW produced its aircraft first engine in 1916. The company’s blue and white logo in fact symbolises a blurred spinning aircraft propeller. BMW produced its first motorcycle in 1923 and 5 years later made its first car. BMW is synonymous with quality luxury and sporty cars, and every BMW has a certain feel to it. Many other manufacturers try to emulate this driver experience but inevitably fall short.

We have developed ECU remapping and an engine tuning strategy that compliments the BMW experience. We can remap all BMW models produced after the year 2000. Turbo diesel models respond very well to ECU remapping, producing not only more power and torque but in general you will notice an improvement in fuel economy. Normally aspirated petrol engine models will also benefit from ECU remapping with a little more power as well as greatly increased throttle response and drivability.

In 2006 BMW introduced their first mass produced turbocharged petrol engine the N54 as used in the 135i, 335i, 535i & 735i. This engine gained critical acclaim amongst motoring journalists and BMW have discarded all normally aspirated engines in favour of their turbocharged engines, the N20, N13, N54, N55, B38, B48, B58, S55 & S58. These turbocharged BMW engines respond very well to ECU remapping with huge power gains available.

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All of our software, programming and tuning services are designed and built in-house and are designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out it’s pure & true performance potential.

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